My little story

 I always was a Lady Dog, and… if I am thinking at my long journey on design realm, probably I can say that I am a She Wolf kind of person, too :D.

In my life I had several dogs – all girls and I loved them all.

The story of “JAnovelty” name started in 2009, when somehow, I found myself with a dog that has chosen us as owner-master (not vice versa). By chance or not this dog was a local celebrity. At that time we didn’t know it but all the bus drivers from the city I live in knew her. It seemed like everyone knew her but us! In a short time we understood that our new blond lady-dog, had a secret life, she liked spent nights at Beer Festivals and to came home by bus in the morning. Local newspapers have written articles about her!

She was a local VIP dog… when she choose us as masters. She followed us everywhere we not even have to call her… Though she was a stray dog, it seemed that she had something nice from each breed. Sometimes I was surprising myself looking at her and thinking “oh for sure she is a gigantic chihuahua” LOL… other times because of her beautiful cream color and dark brown eyes, I said to myself that her mom was a beautiful cream Labrador, or… because of her expressive eyes when she was upset, for some reason, I thought that her father was a Pitbull. I could read and see all dogs’ breed in her behavior or appearance.  

She was a happy and playful dog that knew to melt the heart of everyone she wants to. I must admit she was the best-trained dog I’ve ever had (without me to have a minimum contribution to her education). Always impressed me with her native intelligence and witty mind. Because we got this tramp smart dog, with Oxford-street-like training we felt that she deserves more – and we made a personal blog for her! This is how the first picture and stories started to appear with her. We named her JA but the story of her name is pretty long. Her tramp name was Lynda, initial we called her Iubiric (a diminutive for lover). But… in time… we progressively shortened her name until it was just simple JA. JA was a model of living and my model in the photography of that time.

  When she left us, I wanted to keep her memory alive so I adopted her name as mine. Lady JA still is my nickname I like to use sometimes, and this is the root of this territory named “JAnovelty”.