I am attached to every portrait I create. Each one is unique and always surprises me when it is completed. I don’t think there are any ugly pets, and I think they are not well represented most of the time. Below is a selection of some portraits that really surprised me in a lovely way. I can’t forget them, or worse, I can’t imagine them in any other way!

A CUTE COMMANDER – A child-like, sentimental Great Commander at the same time, isn’t the description of your cat?

When I received a photo of this sphinx lady, with her huge ears and fixing eyes, the owner wanted her to be a queen with a large collar. I didn’t know what to say. I looked at her long skinny neck, and I asked myself “Let’s see how she will look with a beautiful large and ruffled collar.” When I finished the portrait I was hypnotized. I think I was under her spell while I worked on the portrait because I could not take the eyes from her asking myself in a loop – She is beautiful!  Is she beautiful?!   She is beautiful. Is she… ??!
It still is the most curios Queen  Isabelle I’ve ever created… and I made some!!!

For Mowgli, I received two photos,. One pretty standard and it came out beautiful in a portrait  of the gentleman with pipe and a curious one, where I could see vague some teeth smiling on me. The owner wanted the pirate…

Definitely, this dog was born to be a pirate.

This regal canine poses like a model, isn’t he? I can’t imagine a better background choice. He is the proud and handsome king of the neighborhood, no doubt about it.

Well, guess what the name of this iconic lady-dog in the photo is? She is  Sophia Loren. The main image for her was a princess – a beautiful princess… but I could not resist  trying  it in Sophia Loren’s skin. And was it worth it! What on earth be shaved allover when it looks so sexy to have hairy arms?!

The black cat gentlemen in the portrait is named Klaus. Before started the composition, I presented the owner more examples to choose the one that she could choose from. She decided on the portrait with a lot of black and white pigeons, and liked the gentlemen with a pipe. I made the black portrait with white pigeons, but the back cat on black background was not the best choice… in the end, I made Klaus as gentlemen with a pipe. The owner liked it but said: 

Where are the birds? He likes birds!!!  So I added birds and voila! I can say simply say this portrait represents the tom-cat entirely.

This is Sammy – a female cat. Why the owner chose Dracula for a girl? We will never know!  In that particular week I worked two girls as Dracula LOL. Both were amazing in Dracula’s skin, but Sammy cracks me up. We can only imagine the little mouse on the shoulder trembling as it writes a blacklist, or maybe even making a list of menu items!

When I received the photos with Gulliver, the girl told me that she would like to be a rapper. Hmmm, I thought to myself, what an interesting choice! 

What the girl didn’t know I was/am a rapper fan good while ago. Life is changed now. I changed the music style I’m listen to, but the soul never forgets things that it loves… It was enough to put Eminem loudly, to close my eyes to start the travel in time in the moment I was in love with this music. As designer I work in this way many times. I need to enter in the atmosphere at work I’m doing. So, I started working on the portrait. I really wanted Gulliver to look like a real rapper, to feel comfortable in his loose clothing, jeans, the hat with his initial name, poignant gold chains… 

Rap is personal in style, dance, music. RAP is ATTITUDE

This portrait offered me a wonderful travel in time – made me smile. It’s a special portrait for me.

Some expressions say everything you have to know. The dog believes he is the owner. Perfect attitude…. How often can you find such a perfect match?

This composition started vise-verse. With such a pose you can’t do a prince or princess… but you can exploit to look dream-like.  If you ask me “this is how heaven look like”.

If you ask me which is the dream for a Chihuahua-girl that lives in California and have everything in the world – of course, she was born to be model, an actress that can step on the red carpet with her owner-servant… and all magazines will write more about her than others .

… and because we are talking about girl-models, why not to show a super boy-model. Robert Dudley was a handsome man. We all agree with Elisabeth I taste, don’t we?

This is a recent composition that seduced me. Aristo-Cat till the nail-finger and back with a distracted element that came back to earth – the fishes. Something smells here… Does something smell fishy to you?

I named this image – One Man Show – and it’s one of my favorites by far. This is what I call “ATTITUDE that MAKES EVERYTHING” – one of thousand portraits can fit so perfect. It’s so ALIVE!

Who likes a skinny pet? We don’t like skinny pets. We want them to be round, fluffy, to fill our eyes and hearts entirely.

I can read on his face, “Innocent forever!”
Don’t believe him.

This is my OXFORD science cat. I can tell he knows  everything about birds, fish, and human behavior. Of course, we have a lot to learn from him. Nine lives of knowledge is all that separates us.

Who said dogs can’t sing?! 

They can sing, they can dance, they can be anything they want to be! They are  sooo convincing!